Hello, we’re Otakeebs

A brand new face in the mechanical keyboard industry. Here to combine the likes of our cherished weebs in the face of keebs. Find anything here from curated anime based keycaps to luxurious boards and switches.

More About Us

Our story is more or less similar to other groups, we started out with a love for keyboards. Created somewhere in the youth of 2020, two young adults set out on a journey to make a set that would begin their adventure into the unknown. Little did we know, the desire to create this ideal weeb set would further blossom into an amalgamation of ideas that all led to the formation of Otakeebs.

From those primal points in our company, we have thus decided to focus our efforts towards making quality items that stand out. We will further continue to keep a valued connection between us and the community that we stand with. The focal point being our connection to anime related themes, but that does not stop us from taking up projects we think you will love. What we want is to make beautiful keebs for our beloved weebs


The Weeb Homie
Types on an Alpine65
A Divine Weeb
Types on an Fuji75
Social Media Manager
Fellow Ween
Types on an Ikki68


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