Late September Newsletter

Late September Newsletter


Hello Otakeebs Peeps!

I just wanted to let you guys know that we appreciate everyone for being patient and sticking with us. We are currently working on doing some personal quality checks for Love Detective. We will get Love Detective out to you guys shortly. In the meantime, we wanted to show our appreciation towards the community. We will be starting our first flash sale!!!

From 9/27/2023 to 10/11/2023

Celebrate this fall season with our Fall-ing prices!!! Use the discount code OTAFALL to get 35% off on all of our current in-stock items.

This will include any remaining Deadline series keycaps, Deskmats, BOLO Loveless, and even the Tyche75* keyboard!

Don’t miss your chance to get something fun for your collection!

*Please note: For all past and new Tyche75 keyboard orders, they may take some additional time to ship to you, as they are moving into the PROCESSING phase at ShipBob

General Updates

Love Detective is receiving personal quality checks. The rest of it will be shipped out to people within the next week or two.

KBM Fairy is on its end of production and should be ready to ship out to people in the next few week. Waiting for more information on the manufacturer in China to get something more precise.

KBM Golden Locket will finish its production shortly after Fairy goes out. There was an initial smaller delay on things. More accurate time frames will be updated as we receive them.

KBM Hundred Acres is waiting on Fairy and Golden Locket to finish before it starts its production. We were hoping to get everything out before Q4 of 2023. Unfortunately, time frames may move into Q1 of 2024.

We are still waiting on more updates from MW for Aschente.

We are in talks with Fullstop Studio. More updates on DMK Jade will come soon.

Last Newsletter


Hello everyone! This is our long awaited newsletter that should have been here when we initially updated our website. I understand the lack of vendor news and communication is very concerning at times. We have gone through some management changes as well as internal structural changes when it comes to our company. This is something that we wished we had communicated to our customers sooner, but had not been able to do so. Nonetheless, we appreciate your continued support/patience with us and hope we can continue to improve our services.

So let’s start off with our shipping partner, ShipBob. In terms of processing, items have FIVE STATES that they go through.

AWAITING ARRIVAL - Status is marked as before the shipment has arrived at the warehouse.
PARTIALLY ARRIVED - Could mean that some number other than all of an order have arrived if there are multiple boxes/pallets.
ARRIVED - Updates to state that the entire shipment is with the warehouse currently and will be moving to the processing stage.
PROCESSING - Packages are given to the receiving team where they sort and measure everything to see what kind of packaging each product will require.
This step may take up to 1-3 business days to process because they are individually sorting the products in the packages to get number counts and measurements.
RECEIVING COMPLETE - Essentially allow for the automatic processing to move forward and fulfill orders as it is now in their listed inventory (as well as ours for the sake of extras).

We would just like all our customers to understand our new fulfillment process. This is when we consider items to be in-stock as that would mean our fulfillment center has the items. If items are in pre-order they are either extras that are being made for a keycap set or they are items on their way to our fulfillment center.

General Updates

Love Detective was initially sent to our fulfillment center, but we had issues when it came to labeling. We did not want to make the fulfillment sort through items as this would cause more delays. We had the items sent to our work site so we can fulfill personally. This effort is to ensure that all orders are sent out and quality checked by us. We have them now, but it will take some time to have everything shipped out to everyone.

Orders related to the Deadline series, Deskmats, MW Lilith, and BOLO loveless keycaps have all been shipped out. If you have not received any updates on your order, please feel free to reach out to the support email or through our discord channels. 

For KBM related updates please refer to the KBM discord:  or website

Currently, KBM Fairy will be the first to have production finished followed by Golden Locket.

Separate updates related to KBM or other group buys will come at a later date!

We will be having a series sales in the coming weeks. Please feel free to join our socials for more updates!





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