Group Buy Policy

How Group Buys Work

Group Buys are a very common form of puchase in the keyboard space. It is currently, and has been, used by many designers and vendors to have an understanding of the interest in a potential product. A Group Buy resembles a timed period in which a keycap set (any keyboard accessory) is available to purchase. At the time of purchase, the products within the Group Buy have not been manufactured yet. The Group Buy is used to gauge the amount of people who have purchased the products. Vendors will then purchase a set amount, either equal to or higher than the orders they have received on their website. Once the order is placed by the vendor, the manufacturer will produce the set and will ship everything out to vendors when production is complete. This process can take from a few months to even a year which is subject to change based on the manufacturers ability to create a product that has quality. Once vendors receive a product, then they will ship out to customers.  

How Pre-Orders Work

Pre-orders are viewed differently on our website. A pre-order resembles either a product that is currently in production and we are in the process of making extras, or it will resemble items that have not been delivered to our fulfillment center. Some Group Buy items may have a chance of opening up as a pre-order as this will often mean that extras for this Group Buy are being sold. Some products may have already been manufactured but have yet to arrive at our fulfillment center. As such, these items are listed as pre-orders since it will take longer for them to ship. Pre-orders closely resemble in-stock items, so we do offer refunds for them.

Our Policy for Group Buys

This item will not ship immediately. Group Buy Products are a means to understand the amount of product needed to order from the manufacturer. As such, we DO NOT offer refunds after the Group Buy has closed. Please consider what you are purchasing carefully as it is not immediate and will be subject to change. Additionally, do not add in-stock products to Group Buy orders as those will ship alongside your Group Buy order when we receive them. 

If a Group Buy is canceled, then refunds will be provided accordingly. 


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