November Newsletter

November Newsletter


Happy holidays keeb enthusiasts! I hope everyone is bundling up and getting cozy this winter season. The holidays are certainly a nice time of year to be with family and around even more keycaps and boards! We have a couple of new announcements so please, stay tune.

First, we have a new group buy from the wonderful Zero-G Studios. This lovely set is manufactured by our friends over at Domikey. The style is cherry profile using dye sublimation PBT. This comes out to a wonderfully and lovely pastel purple set. The set comes with an adorable characterization as it is inspired by the designers two English short haired cats. To the designer, these cats can often be arrogant and condescending, but they still love them no matter how mischievous they are. It really is hard to go wrong with an adorable cat inspired design!

Next up, we have a new collaboration with Awekeys and their sleek metal keycaps. On Monday, November 20th, the pre-order sale for their Titanium and Matte keycaps will begin. Be sure to grab these before the time ends as these will be offered until December 5th. More details will be provided when the pre-order sale begins.


Finally, lets tune into some wonderful beats with MVKB Synth. These will be extra sets coming to our store in the next couple of weeks. This intricate design comes from our dear friend Max Voltar with MVKB. A touch of nostalgia truly describes the illustrious design with these keycaps. Be sure to grab a solidly designed knob or metal artisan from Protozoa studios. Wouldn't miss a chance to grab this lovely set!

We have more in store for the rest of this quarter and even after. Be sure to keep with the newsletter for more updates. Now, lets move into some updates.

General Updates:

Love detective has fully wrapped up fulfillment and shipping. All orders should be sent out. Please send a message to the support email if you have not yet received your order or if there are errors. Extras will start selling at a later date, so be sure to keep an eye out. 

Fairy has reached the end of its production cycle. There was a small error with some of the keycaps that are being fixed which should take a week. The boxes and metal artisans have also finished. Nothing fully determined in terms of time frames, but the wait time should be much shorter now. 

Golden Locket is moving through the full swing of things. Things are getting closer to the end of the production process. Currently, it is being dye sublimated. This will also be wrapping up soon, but it will likely be after Fairy has gone out to customers.

Hundred Acres will be moving to Q1 of 2024 for its production cycle. Waiting for more concise updates from the manufacturer. 

DMK Jade is still with Fullstop Studios. It is still waiting to be sent to our fulfillment center, but will be sent to us shortly.





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