Tyche 75 Keyboard Kit

Designed by Emotoys
This beautiful keyboard was produced by our friends over at Emotoys. It is a clean 75% keyboard with a focus on the details. It keeps the design language very minimal with some flashy additions of a front badge, and LED light bar. With two finishing options and a few colors you should be able to match it to anything. For the US version of the keyboard they have adjusted the plate from PC to POM in order to improve typing feel.



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  • Keyboard
    • Bluetooth
    • Brass Weight
    • Hotswappable (Type C)
    • CNC Aluminum
    • POM Plate
    • 5 LED Light Bar w/ Diffuser
    • Gasket Mount and Internal Layers
  • Metal works
    • Aluminum 6063
    • Black & Grey Anodization
    • Grey and White Electrophoresis
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