Deadline AirR PC Keycaps

Designed by Deadline Studio

These keycaps show off the beauty of the switches you're using and emphasize a crystal clear appearance. Deadline studios produces these keycaps with a special polycarbonate plastic and scratch resistant pad printing for the highest quality finish.


  • Keycaps
    • 1.6mm Walls
    • Special PC Plastic
    • Scratch-Resistant Pad Printing
    • Crystal Clear
    • Cherry Profile

Shipping Details:

  • Fulfillment: 2-4 Business days
  • Domestic Shipping: 3-5 Business days for domestic 
  • International Shipping: 1-2 Weeks
  • Pre-Order: Make a support ticket for an update

Pre-Order Discretion:

By pre-ordering this item, you are buying an item that is either not yet produced or not currently with us in our stock. This item will either need to finish production or reach our warehouse before it actually ships out.

Covers most standard boards. (Out of Stock)
Novelties 1
A pop of color. (Out of Stock)
Novelties 2
A pop of color.
Numpad support.
Mac support.
Spacebar 1
Small spacebars for small keebs. (Out of Stock)
Spacebar 2
Colorful spacebars. (Out of Stock)


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