Ghost of Kyiv Artisan
Ghost of Kyiv Artisan
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Ghost of Kyiv Artisan

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The artisan was designed around the colors of the Ukrainian flag. The colors have become synonymous with support for the Ukrainian people, so we decided they should reflect that. The design was done by the team at KBM and represents the local legend of the ‘Ghost of Kyiv.’ This is said to be a fighter pilot who has defended Kyiv from many aerial attacks by the Russian forces. They have become a beacon of hope, so we decided to symbolize this on the keycap with the fighter jet. The purpose of the Ghost of Kyiv artisan project is to raise money to support the Ukrainian Humanitarian efforts. We were inspired by the Mechs for Ukraine fundraiser hosted by MyKeyboardEU, and decided we should help in any way we can. This led to the creation of the artisan you see today.


Material: Aluminum
Manufacturing Process: CNC Milling
Finish: White coating
Infilling: Enamel, 2 Color
Project Doc: Link


US: Otakeebs(You're Here!)
CA: Ashkeebs
EU: MyKeyboardEU
Asia: Zion Studios
OCE: SwitchKeys
Manufacturer: KeyBee Manufacturing

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  • May 3rd, 2022 to June 3rd, 2022
  • Fulfillment in September 2022 (Expected in Early September due to Production Queue)
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